tsuki! bulletproof hosting list this list includes domain name registrars, reverse proxies and hosters. a notice that there is a lot of text here, the first part has tips and tricks to
hosting safe content, and the second part is the nitty gritty of this document.
but first, here's some things you should know. part I: tips fastflux hosting does not require a reverse proxy, fastflux is a service explicitly
made by russian and/or eastern european cyber criminals. you should be safe then. check your server, and how reliable it can be in terms of security and privacy.
online services like centminmod can test your server and it's configuration to ensure nothing is "leaking". please use crypto whenever you can. monero is a good start and you can use services like XMR while behind a VPN or
using tor to convert and pay with point on the fly. you can also use a escrow service like localbitcoins to convert if you wish. you can register a anonymous corporation under seychelles and/or belize's jurisdiction, and
then register all domains, servers, and proxies under the newly created corporation. use unique usernames for any emails, services and, hosting. do not reuse
any previous usernames or emails for new websites you sign up for or visit. that's just bad opsec. running off the last statement i made, emails and other personal information can expose private information in their headers,
and that being said, if you need to work with emails, ensure that you use different SMTP servers. cock.li and mailcheap are good services for you to use.
using anonymous yandex accounts is also possible as you can rotate servers using yandex. check out how to do that here. if you know how to self-host, do that. ensure that your setup is bulletproof, however. geoIP blocks critical countries, and this could help to get a lot less attention
and gives gives local governments no reason to inspect your website/hoster. this should be a given, but avoid any host which asks you for ID verification (hetzner) use tor/I2P/freenet whenever you register to a new service, some services do block or trigger something on their end which could make your order
fraudulent however via this method, so consider (in this case) to use a free wifi hotspot like at a coffee shop to avoid this. check if anyone can see your hidden backend server IP with dnsdumpster.
a rule of thumb, you should block every IP connection to your backend server,
and only allow your connections (such as VPNs and reverse proxies).
you can quickly check if someone has a "open" backend IP service with services such as censys while it is a myth that services like cloudflare do not forward DMCA complaints (they forward everything), cloudflare does not store any "sensitive data",
which means forwarding "useless" information is basically ignoring the DMCA request.
a general advice given when you use cloudflare is that you should use a
bulletproof backend server as well to avoid getting the takedown request in the first place, so less or nothing gets forwarded (less of a "leakage risk). and finally, avoid american, british, australian or any other hosters located in countries with strong copyright laws.
now let's get into the good stuff. part II: sites domain registrars hong kong npw.top cnobin.com russia cheapprivacy.ru ri-tld.com xuid.ru sweden njal.la iceland + seychelles flokinet.is dominican republic nicevps.net america (US) epik.com
reverse proxies bitmitigate [free speech] cloudflare [free speech] coinhost [free speech] [DMCA] ddosguard [free speech] geniusguard [free speech] gigsgigscdn [free speech] [DMCA] hyperfilter [free speech] imperva [free speech] javapipe [free speech] [DMCA] blazingfast [free speech] [DMCA] ovh [free speech qratort/en [free speech] [DMCA] shovl N/A siberdc [free speech] stackpath [free speech] [DMCA] stormwall [free speech] [DMCA] sucuri [free speech] v-sys [free speech] [DMCA] versaweb [free speech] voxility [free speech] x4b [free speech] [DMCA] xsl [free speech] [DMCA]
fastflux servers xuid the rest are offline at the moment :(
DNS dns.he.net 1984hosting cloudns misaka
TOR-based hosts onehostcloud impreza ablative hosting.danwin1210.me
VPS offshorevps crypto.net
hosting providers warning! some countries like kazakhstan, south korea, china and ukraine
force some hosts to use government-issued SSL certificates,
which means they can MITM the connection and compromise your security.
take this into account when selecting a provider. bahrain clientvps belarus ialgo costa rica crservers racklodge racknation estonia iphoster hong kong dataplugs hkisl pacswitch serverrun hungary mikrovps serverastra iceland 1984hosting orangewebsite kazakhstan gohost idhost ps.kz latvia 2cloudu dataclub garmtech lithuania hostika moldova alexhost lolekhosted netherlands anonymously.io elkupi infiumhost libertyvps novogara sinaro skb-enterprise bladeservers maple-hosting nforce nicevps seedvps spectraip https://xor.sc romania hostsolutions intovps voxility russia beget it-sakh morene profitserver vdsina veesp vscale atomhost serbia mcloud ninet sweden binero icmenet portlane tranquillity urdn taiwan hostinginside serverfield switzerland privatelayer cloudscale ukraine besthosting.ua hostfory hostpro Ox2a server.ua uanode vietnam en.tnd.vn vinahost pavietnam america buyvm ititch other hosters with many location options aminserve centohost. dignusdata/a> magicnethosting unitvps blueangelhost fcloud iphoster king-servers pq.hosting qhoster hinjiru speedhost247 superbithost theonionhost w3spacet webcare360 zomro and that's it! i hope this list in some way helped you. if there are any questions, concerns or down websites, contact me. loli#1337 | email return to the previous page.