tsuki! resources
you may view any tools or services provided by tsuki!. note! some pages may contain a lot of data in them. if you are on mobile data, i would not suggest to load some resources that may be huge in size. resource key standard | caution | personal it goes in the format; blah blah, summary. maintained by blah. (filesize, archive)
profile pictures, maintained by me. (300mb, zip here) trip design maker, a line generator that makes trippy effects. maintained by chris shier. strata, a pastebin clone that never sees what you write. maintained by me, source here. vimsearch, a search engine utiltising vim type syntax with google. maintained by me. bulletproof hosters, with tips on how to stay safe and secure. maintained by me. blackbird, a windows telemetry disabler. maintainer unknown. hwid spoofer (unbuilt), a custom HWID and other identifiable information spoofer. maintained by me. (5kb) exiftool, remove exif data from photos. maintained by phil harvey. (373kb) meiga, a resource server. maintained by igalia. (373kb) encoder tools, encode stuff in different ways. original creators of the scripts unknown, maintained by me. (10mb) beelogger, a keylogger executable creator. maintained by 4w4k3. (48.7mb) lidarr, sonarr for music. maintained by lidarr team. dirsearch, a command line website directory bruteforcer. maintained by maurosoria. adamantium-thief, a chromium-based browser password stealer. maintained by limerboy. (1.8mb) chimera, a multiple source music downloader. maintained by aesir.

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